May 26, 2017

Congratulations! Multiple launches coming in the next weeks

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when Pawel climbed into the plant pot

Congratulations everyone! we’ve reached the Alpha-Launch of both;

and here’s some more great news:

  • Albert is working on an improved homepage complete for, and for the brightertomorrowmap. eta < 1week
  • Henrik has alpha-launched the new Action Center. set a reminder in your calendar to check it on Tuesday Morning as it should be usable after Monday. its purpose is to link all the project management tools we have together, so we can build many projects at the same time, and to make it easy for even new visitors to find exactly what they are looking for in the forum

although there is still much work ahead, these are the final two essential pieces needed for all of our community to begin using as a hub to meet other postive people and use their skills to create positive action all around the World, something many of us, and myself, have been working towards for 2 years now ( some way, we have been working towards since we were founded back in 2011)

it’ll be really nice to begin bringing everyone together in one place, and i’m super excited for the future right now

aside from those mentioned above, special mentions to the developers who many of us hear about, but most have never interacted with, who are moving across now to join our Action Center’s Discuss forum, especially;

Ydaniel for the huge amount of work he’s been doing recently on the maps

Pawel for beginning building the maps 2 years ago, which we’ve all been building since, after he drunkenly climbing inside a huge plant pot at one of our gatherings in London, and shortly after proclaimed he’d build us an epic map

Dx who put a huge amount of effort in before an unfortunate injury, and i’m sure i speak for everyone in Focallocal when i wish him a swift and full return to excellent health

The countdown has begun. is almost ready to re-launch, and to make this planet dance to our positive vibrations!!!

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