June 28, 2017

Gather for More Happiness in 1 month! (well-being before GDP)

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Here’s a video i recorded for you all in yesterdays glorious sunshine 🙂

Here’s the thing. there is one issue at the root of almost every societal issue. just one. if changed it would transform homelessness, poverty, excess stress, our outdated schooling system, work-life balance, loneliness, crime rates, mental health, inadequate fire safety standards.. everything you can think of

if all major decisions in our society were based on measurements of the well-being and happiness of all people within society. rather than as an after-thought to GDP as they are today. then all of those issues would be transformed

to change this we’ve set the challenge of get 8k people to sign up to a march/party through the streets of London on the 5th of August. 1 month. to raise awareness, and launch a Movement aimed at changing it
its time to change the metric we measure success by. if you agree please share + invite all of your friends.
if you’d like to join the team and bring this March, and Movement to the world head over to the Action Center now

sign up and invite your friends to help this idea grow into a movement

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