July 24, 2017

The Brighter Tomorrow Map – backstory

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poster to put in shelters

poster you can put in coffee shops/libraries, etc

Nearly 2 years ago i posted on Reddit with an idea to help support the massive number of people sleeping on the streets in the UK. I received a hugely positive response to my post – so i took that and have been building a map to help them ever since. I quickly realised that this could help people all around the world the map is now a global map

Here it is – The Brighter Tomorrow Map!

I’d love your feedback and advice. its only Alpha launch – but its fully operational and ready to begin helping people in need, but far from polished

There is no funding behind this so it’s not gonna look like something Google knocked up. you’re hearing from a dude who lives in a van so he can afford to self-fund projects like these

oh, please ignore those dorky videos on the homepage. they are just place-holders, i’m hoping someone will like what we’re building and offer to make awesome ones to go there

Why’d it take nearly 2 years? Well I had to learn web development (I still suck), and volunteers generally do a bit and then move on – so much of the time has been hunting for experienced developers to work with me creating this resource

How does it work
The inspiration was connection. connecting communities so people could support each other in times of need. that doesn’t have to be difficult, bringing a cup of tea to a park and having a chat can be a huge help during stressful times. or work on improving someone’s CV. Meet in a library and help them job search.

How will they access it online? well most people who are homeless also own smartphones. they are often donated and are so cheap these days. You can also print a map of your local area (list w/ details coming soon) and give it out to people sleeping on the streets

Its for people in need to browse and easily find free resources near them that will help them meet their basic needs and change their situation.

Mostly, don’t walk passed with that horrible powerless feeling of wanting to help but just not being sure what to do. Now you can effectively provide help.

Want to Help?

Please do!
* the easiest way would be to google for free resources in your town and post them onto the map
* if you have a skill like marketing, graphic design, copywriting, pr, etc, please get in touch. we don’t have anyone working on that other than me
* web developers i’d absolutely love to have you join the team. we build in Meteor. There’s also WordPress, HTML, CSS and Discourse things that need you
* we all work as volunteers to bring these projects to the world. no-one is getting paid here, but if you want to donate to help cover hosting, etc, that’d be pretty awesome

Anything else going on?

Absolutely! (i don’t have much of a social life)

The Gather for More Happiness Movement is my response to the Grenfell fire – because shit like that doesn’t happen in a society that values wellbeing ahead of GDP. Its the root of nearly every issue i can think of. mass homelessness included!

The Worlds Biggest Eye Contact Gathering is coming up and i’d love more people to help me build London’s event

there’s heaps more, you can find most of them on our website here
Thank you for reading, and inspiring me to build this map

TLDR: Visit this map and post/offer free resources if you’d like to help people who are homeless near you

if too many people come to look the site may be hugged to a halt, so i’ve taken some screen shots just in case

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