October 12, 2017

Over 35% of London’s music venues have been lost in recent years. Take action needed to protect culture in the city

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Action Request: as many of you know Passing Clouds was a community and music venue, and is one of the tidal wave of music venues being lost to property developers in London.

Between 2009 and 2015, 35% of London’s small music venues closed down. This loss of culture is clearly the result of an unbalanced economic situation in the city, and the Government’s job must be to step in and protect them.  This has been discussed in City Hall, and in Lords but so far any action is taking too long

Our friends at Passing Clouds are at the forefront of the battle, after aggressive property developers took over their venue throwing out illegally throwing out agreements they had made with the previous landlord.

If you want to support efforts to get their venue back, and in doing so protect music and culture from being lost in the city, please take a few mins to leave a comment against the developers planning application. I’ve said ‘assets of community value need to be protected’ as they are now recognised by Hackney Council as a listed asset of community value.

The development company has not been playing fair and they would greatly appreciate a minute of your time to push back against this loss of our local music venues

Leave a comment against their planning application here

More info in the Mayor of London’s 2015 report into the loss of music in the city

My full comment to inspire yours:

This venue is currently under dispute as The Mayor of London has promised to look into the loss of local music venues to aggressive property developers

Hackney Council has granted the operators of Passing Clouds the status of an ‘Asset of Community Value’

There is no way this application should be approved until this is resolved.

As a local resident i strongly disagree that this company has the right to take away an asset of value to my community. I cannot comprehend why this application has been allowed to get this far.

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