October 25, 2017

An ugly smile. Does it exist? (the key to everlasting beauty)

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I’ve got a challenge for you.

Go onto Google search and type in ‘ugly smile’, then click on images

I saw a post on social media making fun of a woman for having an ‘ugly smile’, to me that person looked extremely cute, and i became curious to see if i could find one
Discard any forced smiles for the camera and try to find an ‘ugly smile’. I simply can’t!

Here’s the 1st few that came up to give you an idea:

If you agree with me, what lesson can we take from this?

#1 happiness is beautiful. The key to looking great isn’t in an expensive bottle or tube, trying to hold onto our youth. it’s in working on improving our happiness. Your next Google search should be for ‘steps to improve happiness and well-being’, or just join in with our public happiness initiatives more often. that expensive bottle you buy isn’t going to make nearly as much difference

#2 the superficial magazines, media and industry are almost entirely wrong. None of us are ugly. None of us unattractive. We are simply lacking in confidence, stressed or unhappy. To change that 1st we need to accept ourselves as we are. Make wellness and positive mental health tools into daily habits, and let our natural beauty shine through our happiness

You can do it,
You are amazing!
Smile more and let your beauty shine through!

Love and kindness,
Andy at Focallocal :0)

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