December 4, 2017

We’re breaking the Worlds Longest Hug World Record to bring attention to the political abject failure on the homelessness crisis

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Come along to Parliament Square, London on the 21st and 22nd December 2018 to support our bid approved to break the World Record for the World’s Longest Hug in an effort to help the record numbers of people who are homeless and suffering living on the streets in the UK.

Please come anytime to show support by sharing a hug, having a chat, leading a song, or bringing something to entertain/feed/warm us with

Volunteers to help adjudicate and manage the filming and live streaming please get in touch

Or, if you are sure you’re up to the whole 36 hour record with me please get in touch. One fails and we all do!

This is not an angry occassion, we’re a hope filled community and over the past 2 years we have prepared our own solution to the crisis which we’ll also be asking people who stop in to add to. you can read more at the bottom

#theycantgohome #brightertomorrowmap


to MP’s: You get to go home for Xmas, why can’t they?

On the 22nd December Parliament breaks up so they can go spend the holidays with their family. The record numbers who are living on the streets this winter can’t

This Government is supposed to be responsible for the well-being of the people they represent and yet since 2010 the number of people living on the streets has MORE THAN DOUBLED. The current Government has not ‘done nothing’ to prevent this epidemic, they’ve actively pushed people onto the streets and into a life of suffering, stress and sometimes ..too often, even death.

The reasons we’ve been sold for these cuts to the support network for societies most vulnerable people have been watered down yearly, goal posts moved. None of the promises made have transpired, and yet the flood of people forced into a desperate existence has been completely ignored by policy makers. In a society where there is always money for war, deals with the DUP, to campaign for Brexit and handle the costs. It is simply not acceptable to say there is no money to tackle this disaster!


will be broken up into stints with short toilet and food breaks allowed as required by Guinness World Records to keep everything ..clean

Be Part of the bid, We need:
– Huggers at all times
– People to come entertain the huggers (musicians, etc)
– Hot drinks and homemade food to keep spirits up
– Supporters

Please let us know what time you’ll be there so we can if there is a shortage of people at any of the slots

If you’d like to be an official world record holder and do the whole 36 hours with me with me please get in touch


Volunteers at our open public happiness community responded to the Government created crisis 2.5 years ago by beginning to build an online map for people who are homeless around the world. Its ready for Alpha launch!

It has 3 main purposes:
1) to find free resources to help meet their basic needs and find paths to a brighter future
2) to connect communities and those who want to help with those nearby in need of it. exploring creative ideas for
offerings, other than giving money, which can make a real difference
3) To be a printable offline guide that can be given to people who are homeless

To help you can search online and find free resources (anywhere in the world) and post onto the map. Or offer something you can do to help those living on the streets near you, like meeting for a coffee and a chat:

we’re also looking for people/companies to help with marketing, web design (Meteor), web hosting, animated explainer video creation, to help us get this map out there and helping those in need

This event is all about raising awareness and publicity so pleasehelp by sharing the Facebook event

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