May 2, 2018

The Brighter Tomorrow Map update – community connection solves homelessness

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Most nations are no closer to solving involuntary homelessness than they were in the 60’s. A connected community solves homelessness on its own, and so a few years back i decided to apply the Focallocal model and see whether we could bring people together to tackle the issue ourselves.

To keep you all updated here’s what’s going on with one of our flagship homelessness projects, The Brighter Tomorrow Map, where web developers around the world have come together to try and improve life for people living on the streets, everywhere, using community connection as the key

Many of you may remember we attempted to Beta launch the map a few months back. Unfortunately the project has always lacked a UX/UI specialist, and my attempts to fill the gap produced a map where users were required to do more reading than most are prepared to do in order to understand what actions they could take to support people who were homeless nearby

Many of those who did take the time to read the intro and begin posting things they can do to support people who are homeless in their local community, and free resources they found in their day to day life, became unstuck when trying to add them as our time/date modal overwhelmed them.

I put adverts out everywhere until I found Anthony, a UX/UI developer who believed in our Mission and offered to put their skills behind bringing it to life. This past month we’ve been working together to produce a new design and flow to lead users through all tasks they can do to help people who are homeless, and lead those who are homeless to resources to help them meet their basic needs and build a brighter future

Brighter Tomorrow Map Site Map

The map is fully usable.. if you have a little patience, and you are welcome to begin posting today, and using it to help people living on the streets, and those struggling to get by near you. The web team and myself are working hard on resolving the UX/UI and Time/Date issues, and will be Beta launching again in a few weeks

cafe poster brighter tomorrow map

If you want to join in and are a web developer please get in touch

If you want to join in and are not a web developer, also please get in touch. There’s heaps to be done, like searching for free resources and adding them so the map is able to help people on the day it launches, or posting adverts everywhere you can find for more web developers, promo video makers, marketing experts, etc, to join in building a brighter future for millions of the worlds most vulnerable

Brighter Tomorrow Map

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