June 10, 2018

The Meaning of Life

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I was talking to an old friend the other day, he was complaining at me for not having a house, stable job, wife, kids, etc. My explanation why seemed to satisfy him, and so I thought some of you guys might find it interesting as well.

Many of you know that since 2012 i’ve been living in a van and putting all of my time, money and effort into this community and public happiness mission. Spending most nights online working in my van, or sitting at pub tables working away at my laptop screen until they close, while everyone around me has fun socialising with friends.

I asked my friend what the meaning of life was to him, what was his purpose. He replied that wanted to build a good life for his family and kids, get a bigger house and make sure he’d done everything he could to help them not want for anything, and have a little bit of fun too.

I told him that I think we all have the ability to chose a meaning in life to follow, and for me it is simply to make the world a little better for others because i’d been here. Sure, I’d love those other things too, but I believe in its own small way what I do does make the world a little kinder, and time I spend is just me walking along the path of the meaning of life i’ve chosen for myself, so it makes me feel content with life.

Hopefully one day that path will take me to the other things i’d like in life, a family, more time with friends, an income. For now when I have time, what I want is to get out my laptop and build projects and activities that I hope leads to a slightly happier world for others.

Honestly it’s not the most glamorous life i’ve chosen so I hope that doesn’t sound like i’m ‘humble-bragging’. Its not like i’m writing to anyone but myself anyway, I mean no-one actually reads these posts I write.

It’s just what I do, why I rarely focus on these other things that are more regular paths in life, like making money or building a career. Its why I almost never come out to parties, or social events ..i’m working and I most probably I don’t have the money ..and i’m cool with that (mostly), i certainly enjoy the moments where all my efforts come together and i get to see everyone smiling and laughing, having a great time because of my work.

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