January 15, 2019

Documenting a trip to Davos – 1. The beginning. WEC 2019 lets fix Homelessness

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I’m not much of a social media type, so if you want to come along click subscribe on youtube, this vid is pretty much just for you. I’ll try to give a feel of the trip by creating a short video series.

This is my intro video for the Forum: Andy Tulett is a Public Happiness Activist, bringing people to together to use their skills to create more peace and well-being in the world.

As founder of The Focallocal Public Happiness Community (https:focallocal.org) he’s accompanying #HomelessEntrepreneur during the World Economic in Davos to give homeless people who want to be active citizens a voice.

He will be introducing an amazing project called the Brighter Tomorrow Map (https://brightertomorrowmap.com/) which aims to transform homelessness around the World through greater connection within communities, and providing the tools needed to help communities help people sleeping on the streets to build a brighter future.

If you see him in Davos and share a similar vision, say hi!

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