October 21, 2019

Real fans shouldn’t suffer due to a handful of racist idiots. What is something non-violent that a body of fans can do or chant to shut down someone in the crowd near them being racist and show support for the players targeted?

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Right now when racist behaviour breaks out at sports events its normally just a few fans directing abuse towards the players, the rest of the fans standby feeling embarrassed and then suffer for it later.

Racism in football is a problem which was recently all over the UK media with Bulgarian football fans towards black English players. Italian clubs are really struggling with this right now as well, amongst many other examples.

It would be great to launch an awareness campaign for a coordinated action all the other fans can take which drowns them out, shows solidarity and support for the player(s) being targeted, and belittles their behaviour.

Ideally something with a little humour which makes it clear their views are not accepted by other fans, and makes them look like a fool. Rather than just standing there then watching their club suffering the consequences, what are your suggestions for a publicises and coordinated crowd response tactic like a chant all other fans could join in directed at the offenders to show solidarity against racism. Similar to how Schools in Finland combat bullying by teaching other kids to take responsibility for their environment by coming together and shutting it down whenever it’s witnessed.

It would also probably be viewed favourably by the governing bodies when deciding whether to hand out punishment to the club, if we can think of a catchy and powerful response i’m sure a lot of major clubs would back it.

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