Be an Inspiration – Positive Creative Writing workshops with Troubled Youth






Young people with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (EBD) are likely to know what it feels like to be seen as a trouble maker by general society, and are more likely to suffer from the self-esteem issues that feeling brings.

This project gives them the opportunity to do something small but wonderful for someone else in a time of need, something which they can feel proud of themselves for doing, and demonstrates that doing something kind for others is a great way to build self-esteem and confidence be proud of who you are.

To set this up we contact schools, juvenile detention centres and groups supporting troubled young people, offering to run a free positive creative writing workshop with their students, and guide them through creating beautiful stories, poems or songs about something small and simple in the World which makes them smile, and they think will makes others smile as well.

Some will find this concept difficult to grasp, so a simple way to get around that is to take them outside, ask the group to look around for something that they find peaceful and calming, then make notes describing it, and how makes them feel. Then we can guide them into turning those notes into a poem, short story or song.

We then take their positive works to people those living the last of their days, at a local hospice. Giving these people something written by young people struggling through difficult times, just to make them smile.

If people in the hospice or  their families want to send something back, like photos of them smiling or letters, we’ll leave an address to send things to so the young people can see the positive effect their acts had on them.

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