Bubbling around Trieste, Italy


We were bubbling around Trieste … searching for smiles on people walking by … and when a smile has been caught, bubbles have been offered. Some of the people care more, some less but hey it’s like that with every thing, isn’t it?  

Our meeting point was in Trieste, Italy at Piazza Unità d’Italia.

Connecting Canvas Toulouse – a great way to meet positive people!

Connecting Canvas is another one of our really simple connection events which brings people who haven’t met before together to have fun and explore their creativity. The event is a brilliantly easy way to meet positive people and make awesome new friends (who else would join something so far from ordinary behaviour) – perfect for people who are travelling right now like us!

We need to Connect, and Focallocal is a Great Project – by Dominika

Focallocal is a great project! Its so simple and i think that’s why it works and helps to connect people. We all live on the same planet, but in our cities and neighborhoods we don’t communicate or collaborate as one anymore; we forgot how much power people have when they get together – The power to build better world. To create a global connection we must start from local communities. We have forgotten that in a community we can share many things, skills, ideas, problems and solutions, and also happiness.

“Take a Smile” from me :)

Take a smile:) its simple right? But people can’t believe that someone is doing this just to make others feel better. So when you are passing and you see people with big poster saying “TAKE A SMILE” who ask you to take one, what do you do? Smile, right? It’s so simple and easy.