Fabulous people wanted to join our team + build an Unstoppable Movement for Positive Action!

Everyone we need you! please share this retro-poster i spent way too long making with all your friends, and be a part of helping us to grow into an unstoppable Global Movement of positive people, coming together to take direct action, and using fun and creative tools to make the World around us all a better place to live. You are amazing! :0)If you are using a small screen the sidebar will cover the text (sorry, Andy’s web design skills again). Just double click anywhere on the poster below to get around this.(yes, my poster demonstrates perfectly why our Beautification Team needs talented graphic designers to join in with Project Focallocal 😉

Are we sure of Success?

What makes us ..or i guess Andy, the founder, sure enough that we’ll succeed that he decided to dedicated 5 years of his life, 24/7, without pay, or a home of his own, often struggling for food, while striving to build this community and movement. click to find out

Time to start getting Public Happiness articles on here

Sorry for  the absence guys, i’ve been really busy building our Core Team – a crack team of  the most positive enthusiastic people ever, they are from all over the World, mostly because if that much positive energy were ever in a room together i think the whole building would stand up, put on a fake moustache and start doing the Can-Can!!!So lets start getting things moving here again 😀