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Positive, Pro-active People join our team

If you are a professional who wants to use your professional skills to support great causes outside of working for a profit driven company, or a beginner wanting a place to practice and learn new skills, or you just want to be part of a positive team building a Movement to make our World friendlier and safer – Join in now and grow this Movement into an unstoppable avalanche of Positive Action!

Ask me anything! on the 14th Dec i’m answering any and all Q’s about Focallocal and my lifestyle

I guess my lifestyle is something some people would find interesting and unusual, so i’m going to be answering questions on popular online site Reddit to spread awareness of our Community, and hopefully to bring more people to join us using Public Happinesss to make the World a friendlier, happier, safer and more connected place. If you have any questions about myself or Focallocal please join us on the 14th December

New Positive Public Action: Connecting Canvas. try it today and meet some great new people!

We first tried this one while travelling through Toulouse, and it was stunning how easy it was to make new friends, simply by taking some pens and a big sheet of paper into a park. We’ve also tried in busier spaces like markets and shopping centers, where many more people join in, but they don’t stay as long. less new friends, but more peoples creativity onto your Connected Canvas

New Focallocal Intro Video – Thank you Jason!!!

Everyone i meet loves the idea of Focallocal, and enjoys our wonderful events and projects that create community connection and spread happiness, everywhere. One of our community members, Jason, has just created this wonderful video he made to help bring more people into our Movement.

I hope you enjoy it as much as i did!