Help needed! Which Focallocal intro is more exciting and engaging?

Please, please,please help me decide which intro for our project is more exciting and makes you want to join in more?Imagine if every time you walked out the door there was some interesting and fun activity going on. Imagine if it was the norm for people you hadn’t met before to smile as they see you and ask if you’d like to join in. Imagine how much safer and more connected the world would feel.Imagine how many lonely and isolated people in our society wouldn’t need to feel on the outside any more. Imagine the effect everyone living and growing up in a world that felt safe, friendly and supportive would have.Imagine if people knew they could combine together to tackle the serious societal issues we face in life today. Imagine you day to day life was filled with smiles – welcome to the Focallocal project!or 2. Imagine…. What would the world be like if everywhere people were creating simple events, reaching out to everyone nearby and inviting them to share fun, activities with each other?How much closer and more connected would we feel to each other if these interactions were a normal part of our daily lives?What if these activities also had the power to bring communities together, in a call for action, to deal with serious societal issues in a constructive, light-hearted, adventurous and enjoyable way?Welcome to the Focallocal project! Thanks for your opinion and support, have a marvelous day!Andy :O)