Spreading smiles all over the World for another year! Andy looking back (and feeling smug ;)

A really cool realisation has just fell from the sky and hit me over the head! I was looking through photos of our past events the other day for some good pics to make a collage out of, and i realised – Wow! i’ve made a hundreds of positive events over this past year, and all of those thousands of people were smiling because of me, and this crazy Mission you’ve all joined me on! o_O ! i’m feeling a little smug right now, its been a tough journey and i’ve worked insanely unhealthy hours to get here.

New Event: Urban Guerrilla Beautification

Nature and the condition of our surroundings are deeply linked to our health and feeling of well-being, which is something easily forgotten in the hectic day to day life we live rushing around a dull, grey city; so lets come together to sneak a bit of nature into a neglected or boring corner of the city and bring that connection back into people’s daily lives through Guerrilla Urban Beautification!

Focallocal Official New Site-Launch

The path to today was so full of obstacles i often wondered if i’d make it here at all, but today Focallocal finally, officially, launches its shiny new website! I’d like to thank you all for your patience and invite you to join me on what i hope will be a truly remarkable ride!!