The Independent writes about Andy, Focallocal, and our Homelessness Big Resource Map

We hit the National news again as The Independent report on one of our projects. Ok, they got some details wrong as i’m told time for research was very limited, but its a big step in the right direction. Oh, and the writer enjoyed what we do so much she’s joined us, Welcome Elsa. If we’re really lucky, and nice, she might spread a few of her magically talented words here one day :0)

Change HOW? Andy at Focallocal on using Public Happiness to Change the World

 Andy speaking at the Change How? Festival on how we can use Public Happiness to Change the World. The Change How Festival was for innovative ideas to progressively change politics, and bring it back to the people. Focallocal is deliberately and entirely non-political, so that we can remain open for everyone to join our Movement and community, regardless of their points of view. We were invited to speak because our ‘Do It Yourself’ culture is all about bringing people together to create change themselves in the World around them, and empowering people in that way does impact the World of politics.

Ask me anything! on the 14th Dec i’m answering any and all Q’s about Focallocal and my lifestyle

I guess my lifestyle is something some people would find interesting and unusual, so i’m going to be answering questions on popular online site Reddit to spread awareness of our Community, and hopefully to bring more people to join us using Public Happinesss to make the World a friendlier, happier, safer and more connected place. If you have any questions about myself or Focallocal please join us on the 14th December