Berlin + They Kidnapped Connie!!!

I arrived and met the guys and girls living there, took a much needed shower to increase the chances they’d want to be my friend, and then walked back to move Connie from 1 street away where i’d parked to the church’s car park ..when I got there Connie had vanished!

Stuck in Paradise pt 3 (Slovenia)

We climbed into the the Tow truck, passengers on the biggest circus of the day in Slovenia. i’m surprised we didnt make the national news, maybe we did, as the Tow Truck drove passed carrying Connie the Connector high in the air – our large van, covered in colourful and happy paintings

Pillow Fights 4Connection+Open Skills Sharing in Linz, Austria

The weather was wonderful and the people of Linz were sunny and smiley. It may have been a more laid back city than the last stop in Klagenfurt, or perhaps it was just the perfect weather and its warm effect on people; but regardless everyone seemed happy to see us. Me and Katarina started off our stay in Linz with a Pillow Fight 4Connection, by the river – inviting all the people there, and passing by to come and join in the fun with us, and to connect with each other using a friendly Pillow in the Face as our tool of choice.

Give a Bubble in Klagenfurt

Me and Katarina were staying in Klagenfurt on the Focallocal Roadtrip 4 Connection, using FL events to spread happiness to Austria. We decided on Give a Bubble and invited our CouchSurfing host Ramsey and his flatmate Becks to join us spreading happiness and connection in their local community.
Becks wasnt at all sure about joining us, as a soldier in the Austrian army the idea of blowing bubbles was initially a little far out from his usual environment, and comfort zone.

Stuck in Paradise pt 2 (Slovenia)

The night was totally black as we neared the summit, and Italy. 3km from Italy both me and Katarina noticed a slight smell of burning from Connie the Connector (Focallocal’s beautiful van). As we began driving up a steep incline Connie suddenly lost almost all its power, the engine was revving but it was hardly moving forwards at all. In 1st gear, with the engine roaring and the cabin filling with smoke..

Bubbling around Trieste, Italy


We were bubbling around Trieste … searching for smiles on people walking by … and when a smile has been caught, bubbles have been offered. Some of the people care more, some less but hey it’s like that with every thing, isn’t it?  

Our meeting point was in Trieste, Italy at Piazza Unità d’Italia.