Road Trip 4Connection: Stuck in Paradise pt 1 (Slovenia)

Driving up steep twisting mountain roads in the black of the night. At the biggest incline the van suddenly looses power, and the smell of burning fills the cabin. It was 2 am so we decided to sleep for a night and face the difficult situation we have found ourselves in the next morning.  

An old friend of mine, Katarina, had been following Focallocal and when she read I was nearby she asked if she could join the road trip. Our problems began by the most beautiful river imaginable, called Soca river, in the scenic mountain surroundings of Bovec, North-Western Slovenia.

Connecting Canvas Toulouse – a great way to meet positive people!

Connecting Canvas is another one of our really simple connection events which brings people who haven’t met before together to have fun and explore their creativity. The event is a brilliantly easy way to meet positive people and make awesome new friends (who else would join something so far from ordinary behaviour) – perfect for people who are travelling right now like us!

Positive Action Road Trip 2014 Update: Hit the refresh button

After Lyon the road trip took me 2000 meters up into the mountains, to an astonishingly beautiful, peaceful and calm lagoon oasis, on the border between France and Italy called Lac du Mont Cenis, which was too perfect to pass without spending a day enjoying the sunshine and crisp fresh air.

There were mountains surrounded in mist, so i went for a couple of hours climbing to..

Shiny New Page: The Focallocal Road Trip 2014

The 2014 Positive Action Road Trip is taking shape. We’re aiming for a Huge S, down through Spain, across Italy, up to Poland and the Ukraine, down through Romania and Bulgaria, and stopping in Thassos island Greece (and then back). All driving for free in our magical van Connie the Connector who runs on waste cooking oil which we collect from restaurants while on the road

the van finally found its name, meet Conn(i)e!

It took a long time for a the perfect name to come. thank you to everyone who helped bounce ideas around with me until a name came up that was right for our big, fairly slow, colourful, and cheerful van. Conn(i)e is driving around the World spreading Connection, so the name is simply the essence and spirit of our van and road trip, and it seems to fit the reliable but slightly sluggish old girl like a glove ..perhaps a glove for all the happy hand prints our members decorated the side with :O)

So please welcome Conn(i)e to our community, and if you see her knock on the side and ask for the paint pens i have inside so you can add your colourful and positive art and decorations to make her look even more awesome! Conn(i)e has come a long way since the day i bought her. for a start, no rust, all the door locks work now (up from just one) and the solar panel and leisure battery mean i can cook and plugin my electronics inside.

Advice, ideas, support and travel companions needed – sprinkle some star dust on our Road Trip!


Here’s the route and itenary of the Focallocal Road Trip4 Connection. 

It  still needs a little collective magic to make it work and you can be a part of making it happen, do you;

have friends in a city between Lyon and Berlin that would like to run an event with us on the 2nd Aug?have friends we can contact to run events and projects in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia or Bulgaria?know any beautiful beachside or lakeside towns, or mountain villages en-route that my life would be complete if i visit to work from mid-week? Sprinkle some star dust on our trip to change the World and bring people and local commuities closer together, everywhere! (click for larger image)

14th July – 21stBarcelona 26th JulyLyon 2nd August? 08 Aug. 2014 – 10 Aug. 2014Wilde Mohren Festival, Berlin 16th AugBerlinFlash Mob Urban Beautification/ or Edible Cities23rd AugVienna 30th AugLjubjana 6th SeptCroatia 13th SeptBosnia 20th SeptSerbia 27th SeptBulgaria 4th OctThessaloniki 11th OctThassosFocallocal Connection Festival