Urban Guerrilla Beautification

Societal Issues Targeted: 

  • Teaching people how to come together to change the World they live in for the better
  • Well-being – nature and the condition of our surroundings are deeply linked to our health and feeling of happiness in life

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Nature and the condition of our surroundings are deeply linked to our health and feeling of well-being, which is something easily forgotten in the hectic day to day life we live rushing around a dull, grey city; so lets come together to sneak a bit of nature into a neglected or boring corner of the city and bring that connection back into people’s daily lives through Guerilla Urban Beautification! 

Dirty, run down and neglected spaces are linked to a wide range of Societal Problems so we are going to scout out a few and then come together as a group to turn them into beautiful urban gardens, spreading a little bit of natural happiness into peoples lives. This event works best with one main spot for the group to decorate like perhaps a dirty bridge we could clean and hang flowers from (and a back up), and other smaller spots that covert teams who want a bit more excitement can sneak to at different times to decorate.. like a little garden on top of a bus stop!


Setting up:

  • Grab some friends
  • Post in our event system and Facebook group including an idea of the date and location.
  • Please post an article on our to tell everyone about your experience of the event, people who came’s opinions and any suggestions for others making the same event soon – along with all your best photos and videos of the beautiful gardens you created!

Suggested Equipment:

  • Gardening Equipment

  • Cleaning Equip if needed

  • Seeds, Plants, Soil and Grass

  • Camera

After the Event:

  • Attendees always want to go to a park or bar and socialise afterwards so its best to have this planned before the event
  • Post your photo’s to Focallocal’s photo album
  • Please, please share your day with others by writing a post about your event, simply click the ‘post’ button on the main menu and include some of the best photo’s, or a video.
  • Plan your next Guerrilla Community Gardening Project, or any other positive collective social action event or project on our site.


  • Save and print a map of the city so you can mark all the potential spots to garden.
  • Seeds are cheap and great but require patience, its nice to see something there straight away when you finish so we’d suggest planting some fully grown plants.
  • If its one big project you’re doing, rather than lots of little gardens its smart to have a backup spot planned incase you get moved on when you are just starting.
  • Lots of passers-by ask why we are doing what we are doing. I tell them its “positive collective social action, aiming to increase connection between people and make everyone feel like they live in a happier, safer place”. If they don’t want to join in today i give them our website address www.focallocal.org so they can join in next time.

Legal Stuff (how it worked out for us)

You really aren’t likely to get into any trouble for trying to make where you live look nicer, (unless you try to turn Big Ben into a tower hanging gardens) and i’d be very surprised if anything occurred worse than being asked to move on.It is possible to get council approvement to turn a guerrilla garden into a legitimate legally recognised community garden, like Leaf Street in Hulme, Manchester.

Set up one of these covert operations in your city, i suggest during the hours when everyone else is asleep to avoid hassle from the police and for maximum surprise from people dragging their heels into work early the next morning. 

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