Connecting Canvas

Societal Issues Targeted:

  • Fear of interaction with folk we haven’t yet met
  • Encouraging people to explore their creative and playful side through collaborative drawing



Connection Canvas is another simple community connection event. It gathers people who haven’t met before around a canvas to have fun and together and explore their creativity.

The event can be more intimate than many other Quick Connect Events if you go to a place where people are relaxing, like at a park, where people often stay drawing together for a while – making it an absolutely brilliant way to get to know positive people and make new friends!

Or you can do this in a public space where people are moving around, which will interact with far more people and have many more people contributing their creativity, although most people won’t stay around for long.

Simple Guide:

  • Take a sheet of paper (the bigger the better) and some pens to a local park, square, train station, or any other public place.
    (TIP: old posters work great, or Christmas/birthday wrapping paper taped onto a big cardboard box)
  • Go around asking people if they would like to draw with you.
  • When you have 3 or 4 people begin drawing, occasionally take breaks to invite more people to join in.
  • To make the event more collaborative and creative, everyone should contribute to each other’s drawings – so Max draws a happy bird, Georgia gives it a hat, Amelia draws an ocean and gives the bird a scuba tank, etc.
  • Take photos, and/or gather quotes and send them to us!


More info:

Connecting Canvas works by walking around a public place and inviting everyone we meet to draw with us. Simple as that…but with one catch: everyone’s drawings have to interact with each other’s. Making the drawings interact with each other encourages discussion, laughs and exploring our creativity together makes the activity become more interactive and fun. It also means that it ends with a beautiful collaborative canvas filled up with the personality of everyone who joined in at the end.

The drawing should flow, rather than taking turns, but the basic idea is that at the end, each part of the drawing should have had everyone in the group contributing to it.

Connecting Canvas is great to run in any place where people will be hanging out, or waiting for a while (public transport, queues at post offices and other bureaucratic places, etc), and take hardly any time to plan and set up. Why meet your friends for coffee when you can meet them to draw with strangers, spread connection and happiness! You can also go alone and use the event to meet happy and open-minded people, making it excellent for travelling, or making friends in a new city.

Try running it yourself, I guarantee you a fun time meeting with lovely people! It’s a great way to make your commute to work more interesting, or add some flavor to your lunch break!

Studies show that art functions as an indispensable part of humans’ lives. Researchers have examined the impact and value of arts and culture, from individual quality of life to overall community health and as a result, have found out that the experiences of arts project participation are proven to have facilitated social capital, skills development, and training and learning opportunities. On a community level, building different community identities and status through the arts establish a different sense of place and belonging in community and cultural networks. (Parr, 2005)

Please send us photos, or write an article on to share your experience with our community.





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