At Focallocal our mission is to create a Global Community of people taking action together to explore creative and fun ways to tackle all issues troubling our societies and shape a more positive world to live in. 

What your donation will do:

  • Keep our project afloat by covering our operating costs
  • Growing our community and building a rapidly growing Global Public Happiness Movement.
  • Supporting a core team with resources to help promote all of our communities positive actions
  • Funds to run more of the projects with isolated groups, for example, materials for our Brighter Tomorrow Map, or using Urban Beautification with local youth groups to create pride in their community.

The great work our members do is not supported by Government, EU or corporate funding/sponsorship – as most similar projects are. The vision behind Focallocal is for an uprising of people coming together to fix societal problems and creating change ourselves –  and, although far easier, taking top-down funding to create change is not the same as doing it ourselves.

Since launching in 2012 its been 95% funded by founder Andy’s wages from counselling troubled young people, and odd jobs here and there around focusing full time on Focallocal. Now the wave for a friendlier, happier and safer future for everyone to live in could really do with your support to continue growing!

If you appreciate what we are trying to do please think about donating a coffee’s worth or so a month. If just a few people do even that little will transform the community movement and how much we can offer.

Thank you for making dreams possible!