Eye Bombing


  • Life can get too serious, many people are need a happy reminder to lighten up and play
  • Playful cities and towns are happier cities

This is Eye Bombing!

Its simply turning your city into a more playful place by drawing eyes before-hand, or drawing together when you meet, or buying some googly eyes, and then looking for places to stick them nearby that’ll make others smile.


  • duct tape is great for sticking things up without damaging places outsdoors. inside blue tack or sellotape works well
  • meeting for a coffee and eye drawing session is a lot of fun
  • once the 1st few are up you’ll begin to see great spots for eyes everywhere
  • no reason you can’t make mouths, lips, noses, and look for playful places to put them
  • Simple harmless happiness creation and fun!

    This idea has been floating around the World and internet for over 10 years, and probably much longer, so its difficult to give credit to its creator.