Finding Videographers to film at your Public Happiness Activity

Public Happiness Movement Videos
Option 1:

Do it yourself. Most smart phones produce more than sufficient video quality today. Tips for an excellent video:

1. Try to film reactions

2. Ask people if they wouldn’t mind being interviewed. Viewers enjoy questions exploring how the activity made the person being interviewed feel, and their thoughts on what effect it would have on society if people did this sort of thing more often

3. Collect videos and photos from others there. There’s always people filming and snapping shots, and they are normally happy to share, or hashtag them so you can find them later

4. Not skilled at editing? there are some amazing apps out there now that do half the work for you. Youtube’s video editor is pretty handy too.

Public Happiness Movement Videos
Option 2:

If you want to put a bit more effort in to find someone with the skills to create a professional looking video, here’s how you can make that happen:

1. Head to the Action Center, click ‘skills’, ‘video production and editing’, then ‘discuss’, and ask our resident video wizards in our public happiness movement if anyone knows someone near you who might like to come and film.

2. Next, try asking if your friends on social media know anyone. Personal introductions are the best way to go. Failing that, find some videographer enthusiasts groups, forums, classes and meetings nearby on google, facebook,, etc. Ask if any of them would like to film either to be a part of the effort to spread more happiness, or to practice their skills (..or a little it of both)

3. Check that the people coming to film will give you access to the footage or finished video afterwards as sometimes they want exclusive rights to it. That is still good publicity so we want them to come along. We should also have two people recording who will let us have access to the footage or video afterwards to use ourselves though


Remember to hashtag your videos and footage with:
#Focallocal #PublicHappiness #PublicHappinessMovement #[name of your activity] #[your location]