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Welcome to the Kindness and Fun Things Auction! its a fun, easy and refreshing way we’ve come up with to support our Public Happiness community, and to support the amazing Positive Action projects who are our friends all around the World

One of the greatest gifts i’ve received from running Focallocal is in making friends with unbelievably inspiring people, who are building the most incredible ideas for bringing peace, connection and happiness to people and communities all across the globe. ..almost all of them share the struggles to finance their mission that i have done with Focallocal

We are at the beginnings of a new industry, providing peace and happiness to a society, but anything not earning hard currency is not valued in today’s economic system. Someone giving their time and energy to unite their community and brighten lives doesn’t receive recognition or reward. Many beautiful ideas are lost before fulfilling their potential to light up a corner of the planet ..or they reach out for government funding and become bogged down like traditional charities, in so much red tape and bureaucracy that it suffocates the flickering spark that was the essence of their creative plan to improve life quality for all of us

Here’s our solution!

Its your mission to join us saving and supporting as many of those ideas as we can, while having heaps of fun, making new friends, gaining unique and amazing experiences, and also helping to grow your favourite Focallocal Movement 

..No exaggerating, everyone wins here, simply by joining in!



We’ve come up with a ‘Kindness and Fun Things Auction‘, a much more enjoyable way to raise money than crowd-funding, asking for donations, etc. We’re partnering with awesome projects all across the earth to combine our communities and make the most fun auction in history happen’s how it works;

1) Think of something kind or fun you can offer, or do for others. Here’s some past offers for inspiration

2) Fill in the ‘submit something kind or fun form’

3) Once your kind and fun offer is online, TELL EVERYONE! click the sharing link and post, email, sms, carrier pigeon it everywhere; then watch your friends, family, and both Positive Action communities try to beat the hammer

4) Bid on the most unusual, unique and fabulous experiences and things in the auction, and enjoy knowing that if you win you’ll also win the chance to support two great projects whose teams are devoting their lives to bringing peace and happiness to our World

5) Everyone who posts something into the auction will receive little thank you gift from us

6) The person who posts the auction item receiving the highest (collected) bid will win a secret prize, which will be chosen by members of the team running the Auction this month.


More Info:

  • Using this event to advertise something you do professionally is absolutely welcome, we want to support everyone who supports us
  • Others will be sharing your offering on their social media, and good people you haven’t met will be bidding on it too
  • 50% of the total collected will go to our partnered project or community who are creating positive action
  • 50% goes to help Focallocal continue growing and spreading happiness, everywhere.
    (btw, 50% is more than many leading charities give to the causes they support)


Who Benefits:

  • The Focallocal community survives and grows to spread connection and happiness and inspire people all over the World to join in the Positive Action Revolution!
  • Bidders can find unusual, exciting and fun offers and there are always great bargains hidden in the auction, while supporting great causes.
  • The hero’s offering bids can make new positive friends, enjoy being being a part of the Positive Action, supporting our Social Movement, and they are also welcome to share a link to their services if they are freelancing
  • Great altruistic projects get some much-needed support and increased awareness of their causes through us.


Everyone Wins!


Click the Submit button now and post a kind or fun thing you’d like to offer. Please include; location and a photo (of you – or one from google if you prefer).

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There’s beauty all around you, remember to take a little break and enjoy it today.

Andy :O)

* to avoid potential arguments the project we partner with will always be non-religious and non-political.
** if two or more people receive the same tied as the highest bidder then the earliest bid placed will be the winner and  get to choose a local charity.

See Past Kind + Fun Things Auctioned
(get some fabulous ideas)

Past Auctions

Oct 2014
Total Raised: £34
Positive Action Supported: The Connection at St Martins (Homeless Shelter)
Super Hero Auctioneers: Slava Nova and Hannah Marie more 

Jan 2015
Total Raised: £177.50
Positive Action Supported: The Equality Trust 
Super Hero Auctioneer: Aoife Dean
Gratitude Link: Aoife Dean Dietitian more

Oct 2015
Total Raised: £99
Positive Action Supported: War Child UK 
Top Auctioneer: Sanji Sabur

Dec 2016
Total Raised: £107
Amazing Group Supported: The Museum of Happiness
Top Auctioneer: Sarit Gafan