Free and Fun Festival of Local Creativity


Societal Issues Targeted:

  • Giving regular, non-famous, local people a platform to share their creativity and talents with their neighbours
  • Promoting connected communities



Reconnect Festival 2012

Intro: There are creative people living all around you. On your street i’m sure there are amazing artists, magical musicians, jazzy jewellery makers, delightful dancers, magnificent magicians, passionate performers, plenty of photographers (ok, i ran out of positive p words) and fantastic film makers. In today’s World, unless they have made a name for themselves and been found by a big corporation, we rarely get the opportunity to see the talents the people living all around us posess  – the marketing companies have stolen our connection to the beautiful creative talents present in our communities! we must bring them back!



1) Look for large spaces where people can display their work. Indoors is great if you can find somewhere – you can also just use the local park. Tree’s are great for hanging things :0)
Contact us if you’d like some ideas

2) Contact us for help and advice advertising your event
3) Invite performers like actors, musicians, hula-hoopers and jugglers as well. They make the atmosphere soo much more energetic and festival-like.
3) Please post your wonderful photos and videos to inspire others

This event is simply a gathering of local people to share, show and celebrate the creativeness living in their community. Invite everyone you know to bring and share their hobbies and talents with their local community.  As a guide, it is a celebration so colourful and cheerful will be the predominant theme, but everyone and everything is welcome! 



Reconnect Festival 2012

Side Story:

Not many people know this, but I started Focallocal as a local crafts shop, with events to advertising the shop; at the time I had a serious neck injury which prevented me from keeping a normal job. The inspiration for the shop was my astonishment at the absolute junk being sold at Oliver Bonas while I was there mystery shopping. Now i make some basic jewellery which I give to my friends, but my stuff is far better than most of theirs and i’m sure that someone living on your road, for a hobby makes far better quality and more creative jewellery than mine ..but because they haven’t got a name no-one knows and so they go and buy the cheaply mass produced junk on the high streetinstead! ..anyway I got my neck fixed and decided I enjoyed the events, connecting communities and making people smile more than running the shop, and that lead us towards the Focallocal we have today 🙂


Reconnect Festival 2012


Reconnect Festival 2012


Reconnect Festival 2012