Getting Started with Events and Projects


Focallocal makes it simple to make your community a happier, more connected place in your free time and to discover how you can shape the world we live in through collective action.

Our Activities

Anyone is welcome to browse our events & project plans, set up an event and use our network to help promote it. We are continually seeking, collecting and sharing the best ideas from all around the world for positive social action that can be easily replicated, will bring people closer together and increase connection in their communities.

All events and project ideas have been approved to make sure they help us advance our mission of connection, and to protect our goals from being buried under a torrent of spam by unrelated events.

(all activities meet the criteria of number 1 and then either a or b)
(diagram to better represent this on the way)

1. Positive Collective Social Action – People coming together to organise events and projects to benefit their community

a. Events encourage passers-by to share a positive interaction with people they haven’t met before

b. Projects which benefit groups likely to be isolated and reduce their feeling of isolation (the homeless, elderly, lonely, asylum seekers, troubled youth).

Putting on an Event or Project

Step 1. Post in the forums to let others know – its a great way to build interest, get advice and gives others the chance to join you and form a team to prepare and advertise the event.

Step 2. Have a read through our step-by-step guides, its just sensible to use the tried and tested methods of others, and if you have any great ideas to improve the process please suggest them on our forums so others can discuss them and add them to the guides to help all following events across the world.

Step 3. Please share your experience with everyone here by clicking the ‘Write a Post’ button in our Action Bar and write about your event or project.

Suggesting New Events and Projects

Step 1. Visit the forum and post your idea in the ‘Suggest a New Event or Project’ thread to gather feedback from others, get suggestions to improve it further and smooth out any wrinkles. This will also generate interest among our members which will help promote your event; for example, others might offer to set up your event in different locations on the same day – increasing publicity, bringing more people and spreading the positive message further.

Step 2. Click the ‘Submit a New Event or Proposal’ tab in our action bar at the top and fill out the form. After your event is approved it will be available for all our members everywhere to create!


Notes: Our activities are simply a gathering of people who want to do something positive in their community, generally we do not apply for licences as not-for-profit public gathering is legal in most countries. Those who volunteer to help in projects with vulnerable groups are often not experienced or qualified and so we normally arrange activities in spaces where there are trained staff on hand to deal with any potential issues, like a homeless shelter or youth group. Participants should obtain any required criminal background checks before interacting with vulnerable groups (in the UK this can be done free through your local council).