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People’s behaviour is situational, and heavily influenced by the presentation and delivery of a project. Through our activities we are constantly learning how to better connect with the public in an un-intrusive way, create movements and how to present and deliver all events and projects in a manner which instills an atmosphere of positivity and openness where all attendee’s feel welcomed and supported to engage.

We offer the wealth of experience gained through running  events and projects in the community designed to create connection and teach people how to shape their own world through positive action. By sharing our hard earned expertise we achieve two of our aims; in an age that is extremely fragmented and individualistic our services aim to guide the lost sheep of the business world back into connection with the communities they operate in, building strong relationships that are mutually beneficial to both. The income we  receive from this allows us to support Focallocal’s own projects and strive for positive social change that we can feel in all of our lives.


Hire us for:

  • Team Building Events:

    Hire us to bring the positive, energetic and welcoming spirit of Focallocal into your staff or colleagues.

    We offer to take you out for one of our light and fun Public Happiness activities,  or to plan a more   our Brand of Public Happiness into your team to c building is centered around a local community based project, custom built for your staff. we begin by finding out which issues they care about most and then we create a project designed to have a measurable impact on this cause. this approach greatly raises commitment to the team building exercises, which use trained professional and the latest innovative approaches to bring connection and flexible, efficiency to your team. typically our events are organised to benefit an issue relating to the local community surrounding your offices, although we are happy to discuss any location.

  • Positive Social Impact Advertising: why spend your money on traditional advertising methods, which are soon gone and forgotten in your customers mind? why? when for the same money Focallocal can create a campaign for you which brings about a tangible positive change on your chosen community, with a campaign that will be talked about passionately for a long time to come. our real connection happens because the advertising itself has engaged and measurably benefited individuals life’s and there is no more effective, long-lasting and honest form of advertising than an independent customer who is genuinely passionate about your company. often members of the community will be invited to join us in the campaign, creating a real bond between you and your customers
  • Community Engagement Projects/Consultancy: using our hand-on experience to advice on how your company can make a real difference to your connection with your local community. Many businesses are stuck in out-dated working methods where customers are  seen as targets of advertising campaigns to measure on spreadsheet. the truth is that our globally accepted business model has become very isolated from the needs of the community, focusing first on how they can make more profit from each customer, and today’s customer knows it and doesn’t like it!  this world is changing fast, the future is a world where the customer and the company are highly integrated and value shared is much more than a simple exchange of money and goods