How to Create a Public Happiness Activity





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Step-by-Step Guide

Relax! Setting up a Public Happiness Activity is really Quick, Easy and lots of Fun!

Joining in our wave of action to make the World a happier, safer and more connected place can take less time than than tying your shoelace, then untying it and tying it again 9 times – Don’t believe me, just try it!

(our ‘projects’ take more time and effort to set up as they are more complex, but they create bigger positive impact ‘bang’ on your local community)

and please ask us for help if anything isn’t clear

Step 1: Choose an activity from our Suggested Activities (or suggest and discuss a new one in our group)

Step 2: Visit our group page, click events and create an event

Step 3: Pick a Date, Time and Location

Step 4: Copy and Paste the Intro and Social Issue Targeted from the Suggested Activity you chose into the event

Step 5: How will attendee’s find you? Generally i bring an unusual item, like an Illuminous Yellow Bobble Hat, or Soft Toy Duck. Save your event.

Step 6: Google search for an image of your meeting point and post it in the event, so its easy for people to find

Step 7: Make a few posts in the event leading up to the activity, to reassure people its going ahead and you are super enthusiastic! :0)



Advertising your Event

All of our events work brilliantly with just a few people, or even just one, you! – normally by simply inviting the public to join in as they pass we bring face’s in and make positive interaction between folk who haven’t met more a normal part of the day. 


1) Invite 5 friends and send them a personal message asking for their help in getting more people to come along and join in the fun

(if you want a small event with a few close friends skip to step 4)

2) ok, if you’ve all invited 5 friends and want to get lots of people along the next step is to invite EVERYONE you know in your city. Don’t worry, it’s really simple and just takes 5 clicks. here’s a guide i wrote:

3) copy/paste steps 1 + 2 to those 5 friends you asked for help. If a few of them repeat this the event will very quickly become huge!

4) Sharing: Share the event on your wall, on Twitter, Google+, and any other social media sites you use

5) Reaching other communities: You can easily bump up the numbers by creating events and posting the Activity in other event sites (with a link pointing to the FB event) like;

Couch Surfing (events or groups) 



Facebook groups and Forums for free events in your city/town

6) Better than Coffee Requests: When travelling i love to use our events to meet awesome new people. To do this i use couchsurfing and send out Messages to people living there, which i call ‘Better than Coffee Requests”. Writing to 10 or so positive people and asking if they’d like to meet me for an hour, or so to Spread Happiness and Make people Smile. This is an Amazing way to meet positive, pro-active and friendly people when you travel!!!


If you’d really like to build a crowd then you’ll want to get thhe media involved – here’s our guide for contacting the press


Legal Issues

Coming together to do something positive for our local communities should be a human right and so we rarely get permission, or have any issues. Security guards will often move you on from private property, even if you are simply blowing bubbles.

Often police will come over to ask if you have permission. Inform them that you are ‘just a group of friends coming together to do something fun to benefit the local community’. Then there really isn’t anything they can be upset about. The only real issue i’ve found is that if you have big printed signs, often the police will consider its an organised event, and complain that you don’t have permission.

Just stay calm and friendly, if its a large group say your friends invited their friends and it grew. There will be the occasional police officer who is looking for something to stamp their authority on, in those few cases i normally move to another location. No need to create an issue, even if they are in the wrong – perhaps make a complaint afterwards.

Events like Guerilla Urban Beautification can be worth contacting councils, or owners of private land to get permission for if you are a big group and/or painting ..although they are more fun without :0)

Consider local traditions. Some strictly conservative countries may find something like Free Hugs, offensive. Your call if you want to risk your safety or freedom to push for greater connection.