Inspire MY City Day


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Societal Issues Targeted: 

  • Spreading a ripple of Positivity across the planet
  • Inspiring people to become the person they want to be, the right words resonate with those who need to hear them the most


“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about, so be kind, always!”

Once a year secret teams in Cities across the World take to the streets, armed with chalks and positivity (alone, with a few friends, or with a highly trained team of undercover chalkers!) to fill the lives of people in your city with kind, happy and encouraging words to inspire everyone face life’s challenges with extra energy from our words of inspiration and encouragement!

If we take a modest assumption that one quote in a busy public place for a few days could reach 1,000 people. Each positive action hero writes around 20 Quotes. In 2014 we had 21 Cities join in, and each team had on average 20 people in it.

Now this is not the kind of maths that would get you into Mensa, but taking a very rough estimate that would mean in 2014 – 8,400,000 unsuspecting people were met with positive words, and from a number like that a few of them will have been inspired to make a positive change in their lives, and a decently large percentage will have left with a smile and had a better day afterwards :0) 


Simple Guide:

  • Contact us and we’ll send you a pack, and support you through creating an epic event in your city!
  • Find heaps of Inspiring Quotes
  • Cover the Streets in Words to Inspire, Encourage and Brighten the Day of other in your city

With Inspire MY City you can do something really wonderful to support the lives of some of the people living in your city, for the price of an hour or 2 of your time and few sticks of chalk! Why would you not want to wake up tomorrow and look in the mirror knowing that yesterday you inspired, motivated and supported hundreds, or event thousands of people ..who doesn’t want to be that hero?!?

Legal Issues: 
I wouldn’t worry too much about the police, anything more than being asked to clean it up if you were caught would be a monumental over-reaction (so maybe carry a bottle of water) .. if they arrested anyone for writing happy things in chalk on the streets then they’d have to start arresting thousands of 6 year olds all over the city too!

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