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Societal Issues Targeted: 

  • Community Happiness, with reminders to be good to each other
  • Inspiring people to become the person they want to be, the right words always resonate with the people who need to hear them the most


“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about, so be kind, always!”

Take to the streets, armed with chalks (alone, with a few friends, or with a highly trained team of undercover chalkers!) to fill the lives of people in your city with kind, happy and encouraging words to inspire everyone face life’s challenges with extra energy from our words of inspiration and encouragement!

Sometimes in life a few well chosen words have given me the courage to keep on going through hard times, or remember that happiness is a choice I possess, or a reminder that I should be kind to others. Sometimes, the right words have found me at the right time to inspire me to make an important change in my life. If one morning the streets and walls of your town were full with positive messages to inspire and encourage everyone living in your town, and when the right words find someone who is looking for them they have the power to make a positive change to that persons direction in life.

Simple Guide:

With Inspire MY City you can do something really wonderful to support the lives of some of the people living in your city, for the price of an hour or 2 of your time and few sticks of chalk! Why would you not want to wake up tomorrow and look in the mirror knowing that yesterday you inspired, motivated and supported hundreds, or event thousands of people ..who doesn’t want to be that hero?!?

Set up one of these covert operations in your city, i suggest during the hours when everyone else is asleep to avoid hassle from the police and for maximum surprise from people dragging their heels into work early the next morning.

Legal Issues: I wouldn’t worry too much about the police, anything more than being asked to clean it up if you were caught would be a monumental over-reaction (so maybe carry a bottle of water) .. if they arrested anyone for writing happy things in chalk on the streets then they’d have to start arresting thousands of 6 year olds all over the city too!


Idea’s for related events and projects:

  • Releasing a million Balloons with a positive quote attached to each to spread them as far as the winds can carry!

  • Roman Candles, much the same as the balloons event

  • Inspiration Giving Flash Mob, where we give out the quotes to people we meet

  • Inspiring Quotes to groups likely to be Isolated: Finding people in your town who are likely to be isolated is easy, just think who might be in need of a warm gesture of support and then think of where they might be. Its important to bear in mind that some people may feel uncomfortable, or annoyed if they feel as though they are being targeted and treated as though they are a charity case. Support groups are a great example as many people there are likely to value their anonymity, for example, alcoholic anonymous or depression support groups. Avoiding this is fairly easy, simply find out what time and where a group is meeting, and then take a few friends with your inspirational quotes and stand at the nearest public transport station at the same time the group finishes; so those attending can remain anonymous, but we know that we will reach some of the people attending with our kindness and support as they travel home :0)


Other suggestions for groups likely to be feeling isolated who’d appreciate a warm welcoming gesture and a smile from a stranger :

  • Troubled Youth

  • People who are Homeless

  • Asylum Seekers

  • People with Special Needs

  • Prisons and groups helping those at risk of re-offending

  • People who are long-term unemployed

  • Those with mental health issues

  • The long term sick, incapacitated, and those with terminal illness

  • Elderly people

  • Groups reaching out to the lonely

  • Support groups for depression, bereavement, and socially isolating issues such as ADHD, Asperger’s

  • Rich folk (yes its true, wealth can have a very isolating effect!)

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