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Societal Issue Targeted:
 Showing different career paths to people likely to be in need of a new direction in life and providing resources to create a path they can walk if they are inspired to do so


Project Intro

This idea is a really simple and really beautiful one. Almost any skills can lead to a career when you become an expert at it, and most of us have at least one skill that we know well enough to give others a brief introduction to it. So why not give a little of your time to share it with those who are going through some tough times and are likely to be in need of a new direction in life, which they can follow to build a better situation for themselves; like the homeless, long-term unemployed, asylum seekers, kids in juvenile detention or perhaps a workshop in a mainstream prison.

Of course it’s not possible to teach someone enough about a subject to walk straight into a good job in one, or a few short workshops – but that is not our intention. The workshops are designed to give a quick insight into possible future careers in the hope of sparking a desire to change their circumstances within someone who needs something to aim at and a path that they can walk themselves to get there.


While planning a workshop the host is asked to research and plan out a list of resources that form a path which can be followed by attendees who’d like to learn more and begin building a career in that field themselves, including;

Libraries with a related section and suggested books at those libraries
Websites and suggested search terms
Government Training Schemes
Charities and supporting organisations related to the chosen subject (general employment charities will be included already)
Online forums where they can ask for more advice in their studies


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Step-by-Step Guide


Setting up:

Make a post on our forums with your plan, area and who you’d like to contact. we’ll be building a list of areas and organisations we have connections with, so our might already be there. (i.e. make a ‘Paris; thread). Now others can offer advice, or ask to join you to help planning and spreading the word.
Contact local charities and organisations who have facilities, trained staff and access to the group we want to help. like a homelessness shelter, an asylum center, juvenile detention facility, local prison or unemployment charity. then explain the project and ask if you can offer to help their members by running one at their center.
The charities and organisations will have trained staff, facilities and red-tape already covered; as well as a relationship with the members who will attend the workshops and they will be able to invite them for you. 
Discuss with the center what facilities and equipment they have available and record this to tell people wanting to sign up.
Create an event page you, the Focallocal community, and others can invite people to. Facebook and Eventbrite are good for this type of event.
Those leading workshops will need to apply for a criminal background check (DRB in the UK, which can be obtained free but takes a few weeks to come through).
Direct anyone who’d like to run a workshop to use our ‘Teach a Workshop’ form at the top of this page or email us [email protected] for a copy you can print. 
Discuss with the workshop hosts and the center to work out a good date and time. 
Arrange any special equipment needed.
If you plan to run this project for a while where you live i’d suggest attending the first few workshops yourself so you can help get it running smoothly.
Please click the post button after the event and let us know how it went and what others can do to run this project successfully.



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