Inspiring Unexpected Heroes Creative Writing Project




Societal Issues Targeted:

  • Showing young people in need of guidance that kindness to others is a powerful way to build their self-esteem
  • Sharing a friendly gesture with people who have not long left to live, in the hope of helping them to focus on the beauty of the human experience

Project Intro:This project involves going to a school for troubled youth to run a positive creative writing workshop where volunteer writers will guide them through creating a beautiful story or poem about something simple in life which others can relate to, that makes them smile. We’ll then take the stories to a local hospice to share that smile with those living through the last days of their lives. If permitted we’ll take photos of smiling folk to take back to the school, or collect thank a thank you from them or their family, to show the young people the effect their hour of effort had.

Writers, poets and project co-ordinators needed to join the group and take action to help those most in need in their local community:




This powerful project is simple and easy to set up. Contact us for help setting one up in your city and become one of our Public Happiness Heroes :0)