International Give a Bubble Day


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Societal Issue Targeted:

  • Connecting people across demographics using bubbles, and promoting community connection
  • Reminding people of a time when it was normal to be friendly and have fun with people they’d just met


Event Intro

Remember the days you ran wild blowing bubbles, catching them, popping them with your nose! without a care in the World!!  Well, let nostalgia take over your mind & let’s revisit those fond memories from long ago! For one day, & one day only come join the BUBBLUTION!!!

Aim: To bring our community closer! To laugh, love & socialise! and to remind Londoners of a time when it was normal to share fun with others they hadn’t met

Grab a bubble contraption: bubble generators, bubble GUNS, bubble TOYS! & join our fun packed social bubble BASH!

More than 50,000 people joined us in 2015 in. Send us a message for a pack on how to add your city.


Legal Stuff (how it worked out for us)

if the event gets really large you might get some attention from the police. In the UK you can apply for a Temporary Events Notice (a T.E.N) but personally i think the right for the public to gather in a public space and enjoy a positive activity is (and certainly should be) a protected human right! I have very rarely applied for one, and i’ve had a few discussions with the police but after i explain that its is simply a gathering of local people and a positive community event with no money being exchanged, the police have never made us stop. We were once asked to move, but the officer suggested another near by location.

Of course, once the event is running then there is actually no need to have a leader on the day, which means there is no one person for the police to speak to – just lots of happy people meeting to fill the sky with bubbles at an agreed time and place.

2015 event pages:

Lon-Bubble-Don, London   Bubble Battle, New York  Bubble Battle, San Francisco

Amster-Bubble, Amsterdam   Bubble Battle, Toronto  Bubble-Sinki, Helsinki  

Total Bubble giving heroes: 55,700 

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