International Open Skills Sharing Day


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Societal Issues Targeted:

  • Promoting the benefits of an open sharing culture where information is free to anyone who wants to learn
  • Creating a happy and vibrant space where everyone is welcome



“Gather together! Come to teach, learn new things, and make new friends.”

This project is exactly the same as our Weekly Open Skills Sharing; the only difference is that we publicize this one much more to bring a larger crowd of positive people together every last week of July. We’re trying to get as many people to join in as possible in the hope that lots will keep it going and start their own weekly Open Skills Share afterwards!

Every city should have a place where every week, people could meet to share their skills with each other. Anyone is welcome to come along and can ask people there to show them a little bit of what they are doing and practice with them.

Holding onto knowledge is so 1990’s! Knowledge isn’t lost when it is shared–it is copied and doubled! If we share what we know openly with our neighbours, then everyone gets more (including you)! The more we pass on knowledge, the more everyone receives, and we all get leave with more than we came with!

Simply show up at the agreed time and place prepared to share your skills, practice, and learn new things! Bring a sign saying:

“Open Skills Sharing
Ask me if you’d like to try ______ “

(in any language)

Set one up: The idea is so simple, fun, and beneficial for everyone! To start one in your community, just pick a place and time where you can meet weekly and invite all your friends to come! There needs to be a small group of people who will be committed to coming and practicing their skills for the 1st few weeks, until awareness of the event spreads and starts running in itself. Contact us and we’ll help you.

There is one important rule that gives this event its magic: everyone who comes is welcome to ask anyone else in the event to teach them a little bit of the skill they are practicing.

Now think back. I’m sure there was a time in your life when you were new to a city, a school, or just started learning something new. How much would you have liked to know that there was an open and friendly place where you could simply turn up, learn something new, and meet friendly new people? Follow that line of thinking forward to a year later and some of those people who learnt the 1st steps of a skill will now be able pass on these skills. The group has far more skilled teachers and new talents will be coming in all the time for you to try out, and perhaps you’ll find a new passion in life. Sound cool enough?

If you can teach something that isn’t very common for people (i.e. lucid dreaming, or river hydrology), it helps to bring a small sign saying what you can teach and leave it near you.

This day is a free and open event for anyone to connect with each other; it’s strictly not for profit, but it helps increase the range of activities offered if people are allowed to ask for modest donations for any materials they need to buy and give out (i.e. paper, paints, string, etc).

Through this event, you’ll be able to hone your skills, meet with others who share your interests, and try out new hobbies you never thought you could do yourself! As always, there’ll be lots of happiness shared, so come along and maybe you’ll discover a new life-long passion!

Here’s a short list of a few of the many activities we’ve had people come to teach: aerial silks, acroyoga, voicemanship, public speaking, sewing, parkour, crochet, upcycling, drum circles, balloon animals, acrobatics, making music from nature, slack lining, juggling, poi, yoga, swing dance, beat boxing, language exchange, jewellery making, capoeira, creative writing, illustration, yoga, gymnastics, juggling, magic, and many more!



Evidence-based studies have long established the importance of knowledge sharing in a community with common variables such as creativity, learning, and performance. This reveals that sharing your knowledge, skills, and talent with other people enhances creativity and other cognitive skills of both the person who’s sharing and receiving knowledge!

Please help make this wonderful idea a reality for everyone all across the world by sharing it to as many people as possible. 🙂