International Pillow Fight Day


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Societal Issues Targeted:

  • Promoting the health benefits of adults including play in their daily life
  • Teaching how community self-led action can create magical things


“You’ve gotta Fight ..for your Right Paaarrty” 
― Beastie Boys

International Pillow Fight Day is an idea bringing people together to have fun, and it has swept around the World! Started by Kevin Bracken at Newmindspace in New York, 2003.

International Pillow Fight Day brings hundreds of thousands of people together every year, in cities across the World many ways it’s been an inspiration to building the Focallocal project. Focallocal began supporting International Pillow Fight Day when we heard the London one was going to be cancelled back in 2013 ..we couldnt allow something that brings happiness to so many people to just disappear, so i put on my cape (quite literally) and did everything i could to keep it going! 

I want to say some things about the thousands of faces filled with raw happiness, and enjoyment.. but i think the videos above and on our youtube channel will do a far more poetic job than i can do!!

Some cities have have embraced the idea of people coming together for positivity, in London ..the capital of the Mayor’s office try to block it and close it down repeatedly, but have just proved how difficult it is to block an idea. In 2014 they forced all major publications to say it was cancelled (and sent us a bunch of threatening emails) ..but on the day thousands still turned up. 

Please don’t find yourself looking in the mirror wondering how much cooler the person looking back would be, and how much bigger your smile would be if you had been fighting thousands of people at a Humongous pillow fight last week wants to be that girl/guy!! So put it in your diary today!!!


  • 1) Cheap pillows can scratch without a pillow case so please bring one.

    2) Just because its a pillow doesn’t mean you cant hurt folk, if you’re a big strong person hitting a lil person remember to take it easy ..there’s always someone getting carried away.

    3) Do not hit anyone with a camera (hard) they are our friends!

    4) If someone’s got a hard, heavy pillow, please TELL THEM! or they will happily carry on swinging with no idea they are upsetting everyone around them.

    5) Take your pillow away with you (i normally give mine to the homeless on the way home).

    6) Smile and have fun – its all about positivity!

    7) We recommend not using feather ones. they look cool, but PETA members sent some angry messages, apparently they aren’t removed from the birds very ethically.

    8) Please bring a black bag and help cleaning up afterwards.

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