Inviting all your friends to a Facebook event





How to Invite all your friends to a facebook event with one click


2015 Update: Invite All is the quickest and simplest plugin i’ve found this year to invite all your Facebook friends to an event. It quite simply adds an ‘Select All’ button in your invite friends window on facebook.

Facebook has AGAIN reduced their limit on how many people you can invite, so at the time of writing i can only invite 1000 600 friends. 

I normally invite people from the Facebook list for the city our activity is in (London in the photo below), and for our international events i invite the ‘suggested’ group who are supposed to be the people you interact with most – although it’s not very accurate.

A lot of our community at Focallocal have written asking why i stopped inviting them to use creative and fun activities to create societal change, and together make the world smile – if you have more than 600 friends some will be missed, its a pain but we just have to work with the tools we are given by our FB Overlords. 

Chrome users click here to get the Invite All plugin

Firefox users here’s a pretty good plugin

Internet Explorer users ..sorry you dont deserve to be allowed to do this!


 the ‘Invite All’ buttoninvite all facebook


 note: for some people it’s not showing up. not to worry, you can simply click the little ‘i’ in your url browser instead, once inside the invite friends window. it does the same thing.

 temp i


2014 Update: Facebook’s new invite friends window has stopped most Chrome “invite all” plugins from working. iFB is one i found that still works.
note: Its a bit slow and freezes for me if i click on another tab after i’ve set it going. So i set it going and make myself a nice cup of tea while it does its thing.

Just click on the “all friends” tab as shown in the photo below, and then the iFB button at the top of your browser. click invite friends at the bottom and then NO, on the pop up at the end, it removes all the people you just invited!






Original Method: Inviting all your friends to one of our Facebook events is easy, using the steps below it just takes a few clicks.

    1.  highlight and copy this code:

[color-box].javascript:var x=document.getElementsByTagName(“input”);for(var i=0;i

  • go to the event on facebook you want to invite your friends to and click ‘invite friends’
  • scroll down to the very bottom of your friends listtemp invite


  • paste the code you highlighted in step 1 into your address/URL bar, then hit the home key and delete the fullstop . at the beginning of the code (it does need to be there when you paste it in).temp invite2
  • press enter and wait 10-20 secs for the popup.
  • click send and you’re all done!