I have a message for YOU – The Positive Thinking Jar



Societal Issue Targeted:

  • Promoting the health benefits of regular positive thinking
  • Getting people to give their time to make others happier ..and themselves too

The Positive Thinking Jar – Reach in and let a Positive Thought for Today Find You!


Sometimes we just need a positive, uplifting or kind message from a friendly face to turn our day around


As you rush around your day, imagine someone you’d never seen before stops you inviting you to take a beautiful uplifting message from a jar reminding you to fly, dance, sing, think positive, be kind to others or yourself?

why did they stop you? are they giving their time simply to try and lift the day of others around them?? that’s pretty cool, maybe the newspaper was wrong, the World is full of kind, caring people!

..it’s just that, a simple way to make others around you happier. Would you like to do that? Set on up today, and in a small and fun way become a Public Happiness Hero making today happier for others where you live.

Positive thoughts and positive thinking make a huge difference to lives, why don’t we study this in school? Here is your school of Positivity homework, get yourself outside and spread these little inspiring messages to remind people to think positive.


    • Its nice to meet up and socialise over a coffee, while writing beautiful and inspiring thoughts on little pieces of paper and filling up a ‘lucky dip’ style jar with them (so the messages can ‘find the person they were meant for’.

    • Then take The Positive Thinking Jar to the streets and invite the passing public, to reach in and let today’s positive thought find them!

    • Please write an article about your experiences and post lots of photo’s in our albums to share your experience with all of our community and inspire more people to go out and Hug!

    • Please tell people about Focallocal, and invite them to join in our Movement here, at focallocal.org. Together through thousands of gentle little positive actions like this, we will create a cultural shift that changes the World!

You will never know which thought will find you; but one thing you can be sure of – it will always be sweet 🙂

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