Kind Words Everyday for 1 Month

Kind Words Everyday for 1 Month

-The Positive Psychology Gym-

Life Upgrade Targeted:

1)Spreading more kind words to ourselves and everyone around us, this is essential for our well-being and creating a happier life.

2) Why every day for 1 month? We need to consciously and repetitiously add positive thoughts into our lives to overcome our hardwired habits of thinking, creating a lasting change.                                                     kind-words-can-be-short-and-way-to-speak

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”

-Robin Williams-



1) Anywhere, any time in each day, consciously remember to take time and say some kind words; to yourself, to your family, friends, strangers, an animal, trees, the earth

2) Post on the group page to use your positive energy and experience to help support each other. Please post either your kind words, any effects the challenge is having on your thinking/life, or just an update on how you are getting on. 

3) Lost for inspiration? Ask for ideas and support on the event page, we are here to support each other

4) Get in-tuned with yourself, you might find that you have a library of kind words within you waiting to make others lives better!



1) Positive Words Vocabulary Word List:

2) Buy a diary to record your challenge to help you never forget and review your process

3) Set a reminder on your phone, or calendar so you never forget

4) Use giving positive words to others as a tool to re-energise when-ever you are struggling for motivation

5) Be a Star! Take lots of photos or make a video diary about your challenge, it’ll help inspire many more people to give it a try ..and little by little, it’ll make the world a more positive place!


Relevant Studies:

Check out this article for a summary of different studies which explore how words can change your brain: