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The Marketing and Advertising Team is the engine room of the Focallocal project. Our events and projects are based on the powerful message that we can all use positive collective action to connect people and communities, and by coming together we can shape the world around us. People want to be a part of that! in fact it’s probably what brought you here to read this, we need your help to share that message with the world and bring more lovely people like you into the Focallocal community.


As more and more people hear about us and join in, Focallocal can (with your help) turn from a few passionate people using running collective action events, into an unstoppable Global movement for positive social change.   Everyone is welcome to join in and help out! just visit the forum below to see what others are doing, introduce yourself and ask people there if you can join in with their efforts – or start something yourself and start a thread to tell others what you are doing.  


You’ll fit right in here if you are:

looking for a good way to use your energy to help Focallocal and be part of something good for the world while having fun.
thinking about starting a career in a related field and want to try it out – like; Marketing, Advertising, Public and Media Relations, Film Production, Social Media, Illustration, etc.
a student studying – why not create real campaigns to advertise Focallocal and build your coursework assignments around it, that way you can make your coursework more interesting and real, gain practical experience and build your CV/Resume.
you already have experience in one of these areas and want to use your skills and talents to help a good project grow


Welcome and thank you! You are all truly wonderful and remarkably handsome people!

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What Can I Do?


There are millions of ways you can help spread the word about Focallocal and our events, visit the forum below to see others ideas add your own, here’s just a few suggestions to get you started:

Tell your friends and people you meet
Check the forum below for events and projects people would like help publicising 
Write to people about supporting Focallocal, like the local and national media, positive websites and bloggers, celebrities, university unions, etc.
Arrange creative and exciting guerilla marketing campaigns (see forum below)
Design posters and create videos
Post in related forums, write blog posts
Share our photo’s and videos across the net to bring more people here

Suggested Places


Local Colleges and Universities – are full of energetic and positive people with free time and looking for fun and ideological ways to spend it all. method:

write to unions, sports teams and social groups
they often have forums and facebook pages, although if you aren’t a student your posts will probably be seen as spam
go there and make a stall in the street outside.. or perhaps put on a flash mob performance to get people talking; like a small flash pillow fight to advertise our Pillow Fight for Connection

Google search for related groups and positive projects and ask them if they’d like to join our event/project, or collaborate in creating a free event. for example, i might look for gardening groups and invite them along to our Guerilla Gardening event; or poi and juggling and drum circles groups and invite them to our Open Skills Sharing Day.

Forums for related subjects are an excellent place to contact people. i visited marathon runners forums to advertise our crazy fun run.

Google search terms like ‘what to do in [insert the event location here]’ , ‘events or activities in [X]’ ‘free fun things to do in [X]’, ‘whats on in [X], etc, etc; then contact the websites you find to tell them about the event/project. If they ask us for money to advertise tell them its a non-profit people led project and that other events sites will be advertising it, often they’ll list it for free.

Couchsurfing.orgnotes: similar values to us and attendee’s from this medium often are open, welcoming and friendly.method:

events can be created.

post in local groups; for example London has; UK, Its All London Baby, London Top Tips, LDN Hobbies/Activities. effectiveness; low since recent changes

Meetup.comnotes: costs are about £120/year to run a group.method:

you can write to similar groups and ask them about collaborating on an event, please make sure they know it’s not for profit though. 
anyone with an account can run 5 groups, so it is possible to find a pre-existing group and ask them to share their account. 

Time Out Magazinenotes: Time Out have a website and magazine for many large cities around the world and are always looking for big gatherings to advertise. Due to their coverage numbers will be very high if they do, so the events do need to be set up as just people coming together – if the event has an organiser or leader they may well get a call from the police or council. 


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