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Core Team


[table th=”0″] Andy
Director, “When I was 17 I met a visiting friend of a friend who lived in Greece, he got drunk and said to me and my friend that we should join him out there and he’d find us jobs ..much to his surprise I called a few weeks later and soon was on my way live on a small, sleepy island in Greece for 9 months. Everyone there was so friendly, they all knew each other, spoke all the time and would never sit next to someone on a bus without talking – from that moment on London has always felt like its missing something, with the way we all rush past each other in our lives without acknowledging each others existence. I’ve spent most of my life travelling and have always been very much aware of how connected people in a culture were to other humans, and on its influence on their general happiness. My studies into the subject have suggested that it is a cultural which builds up in places for many reasons, Focallocal is my experiment to explore these reasons and see if it can be reversed. Social Enterprise and the Social Economy grasped my imagination, as it was a system which would empower individuals and bring them closer together, challenging many of the root causes of isolated communities. Particularly by empowering people, and so Focallocal is my project to show people that they can be pro-active, important figures within their own communities and shape the world around them; the Social Economy is built upon the ability modern technology has given us to be powerful forces for positive change through collaboration; achieving things through our combined energies which were previously very difficult to influence without spending a whole lot of money.”, Andy
Programme Director,”For a long time I have been interested in understanding societies and the forces that bring positive change to peoples lives. I believe that by taking the responsibility for our own lives and by working together through collaborative and community driven projects we can use the power of communities to improve the world around us.”,Kash
Finances and Strategy Manager, “At Focallocal I help make sure that we’re in a healthy state when it comes to our money, to make sure that we have the financial resources to run awesome events that are as efficient and fun as possible! I also help out with shaping the overall strategy of the organisation and helping manage the many different projects that we have going on. I joined because I wanted to get back into helping increase the community spirit within London, and to do something that was different from what I do in my day job. It’s been fun but busy so far, however no regrets! I always have a hard time trying to write out what I’m interested in, because I have way too many! However, a few things that I really love include: travelling to random places (50+ countries and counting!), being on the coast and smelling the sea breeze, drinking bubble tea, and eating anything mango-flavoured. Also, being somewhere with a beautiful view can make my day. “,Denise1
Official Photographer and Good Cheer Creator,”I have always been drawn to meeting people, hearing their experiences and having the opportunity to grow with others.  Since I have moved from Canada to the UK and joined the Focallocal Team, I have met some amazing individuals that will stick with me for a lifetime. I think this is what I would like to contribute back to the team and all our members; to give one person the same memorable experiences which I have been so lucky to receive using positive projects as its foundation and build a community which I can call home.”,Naomi
Project Researcher and Theoretical Discussion Facilitator,,pic


Advisory Team

Aladin Aladin: Strategic Counsel
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Ricardo Davila-Ortoya: Associate Advisor
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Georgia Clarke: Associate Advisor
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