Open Skills Sharing

We’re setting these up in cities all around the World, and EVERY city in the World should have one!

The idea is simple and powerful. Its a time and place where people come every week to practice their skills together – with one rule, which holds all the magic.

Anyone can ask you, or anyone else to teach them a little bit of what they are doing ..this makes it open and means that anyone living in town can come along, try out new hobbies or skills, discover new passions and make new friends. 

When something is shared it isn’t given away, it is copied and it doubles. This way everyone who comes leaves with more than we came with, its a mathematical kind of magic!

The longer these weekly events run, the more skills people living nearby will have and the better they’ll become at sharing them – after a few months there will be a whole community who can teach new people enough to get interested in a new skill, and join in regularly.

Not sure what to do? visit youtube and search for 5min instructional vids for something simple like origami or drawing, creative thinking.

Open Skills Shares are not just for Hula Hooping, Poi, Aerial Silks, AcroYoga and those typical skills you’d think of – feel welcome to bring along a laptop and teach web design, an instrument for a Jam to teach something about music, some Dance moves, Crotchet, Comedic Timing ..ANY AND ALL SKILLS ARE WELCOME

Cities currently sharing skills:

London, Barcelona

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