Open Skills Sharing


Societal Issue Targeted:
Connecting a community, sharing and promoting open exchange of knowledge


Sharing with each other is such a simple and wonderful way to spend a day! 

Open Skills Sharing

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We live in a World which puts a price on everything, but if we choose to come together and share what we know for free everyone gains more. Holding onto knowledge is so 1990’s! Knowledge isn’t lost when it is shared, it is copied and doubled!

Every town in the World should have one place where people can meet every week, or even every day, and EVERYONE is welcome to turn up to share their what they know, or to ask anyone doing interesting looking things there to show them a little.

Its a lovely vision, but that’s just the beginning! We want to create a culture shift towards interaction and sharing! Imagine you got onto public transport and the person sitting opposite you was wearing a badge saying “Ask me to teach you Jewellery Making” – Well if you meet me you will as I have that badge and we are selling them in our shop to support our movement. People talk to me, I show them and they finish their journey knowing something new, and we both arrive smiling!

Everyone has something they can share, it can be as simple as teaching a guy how to plait hair or put nail polish on; but if you cant think of anything have a quick search for a skill you can learn in 5 mins on youtube, perhaps how to draw a simple flower or dog, or a magic trick ..once you’ve done it a few times you’ll realise how easy it is to learn something and share it to others, and that is the beauty of this idea.

We can also use our Skills Sharing for projects to reach out to disconnected people in our community and bring them closer; for example, a group of us could visit a youth offenders institute and try to spark passions for constructive activities among young people who need a new direction in life to focus on; or perhaps you can give an intro session at a local homeless shelter to a skill that could lead to a new career, and a print out of local resources to continue learning for anyone who catches that spark you planted.


Events and Projects

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Open Skills Sharing Day: A weekly day in cities all around the World, where people meet to share and practice their skills, and anyone is welcome to come along to learn anything! …for free!

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Open Skills Sharing Day on Public Transport: Lets turn the trains, buses and aeroplanes into interesting and exciting places where everyone is invited to talk, laugh, learn and share! This can be is a Flash Mob style event, or just a way to meet positive people and have fun while commuting.

Inspire Someone in Need – Skills Share Workshops: Why not give a little of your time to share a brief introduction to your skill with those who are likely to be going through tough times and in need of a new direction in life to follow and build a better future for themselves.
skills sharingwith groups likely to be isolated

Skills Sharing with Groups Likely to be Isolated: Take a few friends and your skills and bring them to those likely to be in need of friendly happy people reaching out to them and inviting them to explore something fun and new