Inspire Someone in Need – Skills Share Workshops



Societal Issue Targeted:
 Showing different career paths to people likely to be in need of a new direction in life and providing resources to create a path they can walk if they are inspired to do so


Project Intro:

This idea is a really simple and really beautiful one. Almost any skill can lead to a career when you become an expert at it, and most of us have at least one skill that we know well enough to give others a brief introduction to it. So why not give a little of your time to share a brief intro to your skill with those who are likely to be going through tough times and in need of a new direction in life to follow and build a better future for themselves.

Progressive thinking charities are very receptive to people offering to come in and teach a basic workshop; of course it’s not possible to teach someone enough about a subject to walk straight into a good job in one, or a few short workshops – but that is not the intention of this event. The workshops are designed to give someone a peak at a future they could build for themselves, and the directions to get started walking there themselves; we aim to spark a desire to create changefor themselves within someone who needs something to aim at.

Here’s a list of groups likely to be isolated from the local community and in need of someone friendly and welcoming to reach out to them;

  • Troubled Youth
  • People who are Homeless
  • Asylum Seekers
  • People with Special Needs
  • Prisons and groups helping those at risk of re-offending
  • Long term unemployed
  • Those with mental health issues
  • The long term sick, incapacitated, and those with terminal illnesses
  • The elderly


A quick Google search and a few emails to charities and groups working to support people in these circumstances should get your project moving (contact Andy at Focallocal if you’d like some advice or help)

While planning a workshop we ask hosts to research, prepareand print out an A4 list of resources that can be used as a path to follow by attendees who’d like to learn more and explore building a career in that subject, the list should include;


  1. Libraries with a related section and suggested books at those libraries
  2. Websites dedicated to learning about it, and a list of suggested search terms
  3. Government Training Schemes
  4. Charities and supporting organisations related to the chosen subject
  5. Online forums where they can ask for more advice in their studies


Setting up:

The charities and organisations will have trained staff, space you can use, some equipment and legal red-tape already covered. They’ll also have a relationship with their members and will be able to help inviting them to the Workshop. 

People teaching the workshops are usually allowed to be around vulnerable people so long as they are always accompanied by a member of staff, the charity will tell you this. If you need to apply for a background check they can take a few weeks to come through, so apply early. In the UK you can a DRB free if you apply for it as a volunteer. Also, ask the charity if it’s ok for you too take photo’s as often you’ll need every individual person in its permission.

If it goes well why not repeat it and make it into a series of workshops? Please also write an article to tell everyone about your experience, encourage others to set one up, and to share what you learnt.