Open Skills Sharing on Public Transport


Societal Issue Targeted:
Challenging negative cultural norms like not talking on public transport and fear of initiating  positive and fun interactions with strangers 


temp3Open Skills Sharing on Public Transport is where we take the idea of sharing what we know with everyone around us onto the tube. You can go alone with a sign inviting people to ask you if they’d like to learn {insert a skill you’d like to teach here here}, or you can set up an event and invite everyone you know to join you filling trains, buses and even aeroplanes full of enjoyment, curiosity and fun, where strangers are talking to each other, laughing and learning together ..doesn’t that sound better than your normal commute to work?

If you’re not sure what to teach then spend an evening looking around on youtube, all the information you could ever need is on there. In 5mins you could learn a magic trick, or some tips on how to sit and stand confidently ..the possibilities are endless!

Our long term goal with this event is to turn every day into a Skills Sharing Day, if you are waiting for a bus why not share some memory mnemonics or mindfulness skills with others waiting with you. You CAN make every day into one by wearing one of our “Would you like to learn …… Ask me!” Badges. I have one and people do ask me, talk to me, or if I see them looking often i’ll ask. Its a great way to make a journey more interesting!

This event poses a thought provoking question to the public:

why is communication with people we haven’t met before, not ‘normal’ during the many, many hours we spend sitting or standing on trains and buses in silence during our life time?

How many good friends, or opportunities for work, life and adventure have we missed out on because it is normal to sit in silence?

Join me making talking normal again, it has made my commutes, and life more enjoyable!

Legal-wise, if no one is asking the public for money then you shouldn’t be breaking any laws. The worst i’d possibly expect is being asked to getoff, at which point we all walk to the next station and get back on 😉 but its never happened to me before.