Skills Sharing with Groups Likely to be Isolated



Societal Issue Targeted:

 Showing different career paths to people likely to be in need of a new direction in life and providing resources to create a path they can walk if they are inspired to do so.



Project Intro: This project is an fantastically effective way to spread happiness, connection and inspiration among those in our community most in need.

Setting up is easy, just gather a group of friends who have skills to share (our Open Skills Sharing Day’s are a great way to find people) – then contact a local charity or project who are working with a group likely to be isolated and ask them if you can arrange a day to come in and share all your skills with the people they work with. Most i’ve contacted are happy to have a group volunteering to bring such a wonderful activity to their members.

Here’s a list of groups likely to be isolated from the local community and in need of someone friendly and welcoming to reach out to them;


  • Troubled Youthupcycling 2
  • People who are Homeless
  • Asylum Seekers
  • People with Special Needs
  • Prisons and groups helping those at risk of re-offending
  • Long term unemployed
  • Those with mental health issues
  • The long term sick, incapacitated, and those with terminal illnesses
  • The elderly


upcylingA quick Google search and a few emails to charities and groups working to support people in these circumstances should get your project moving (contact Andy at Focallocal if you’d like some advice or help)



  • We’d love to share photo’s with all of the Focallocal community, but please ask if its ok before taking them
  • If you contact an established centre, operate in their premises with a staff member there, and are never alone with their members then there are no legal hoops to jump through before starting this project.
  • I suggest inviting a small group of friends to join you for projects with isolated people, because a large group can be intimidating and appear less inviting