Opera to Entertain those Likely to be in Need of a Smile





We’ve all seen flash mob performances of all shapes, colours and forms in public spaces, like shopping centres and train stations. This project is really simple, we’re just doing the same thing, but in a place where folk can’t get out and see it themselves, for people likely to be in a greater need of some unexpected entertainment. 

In London we’ve picked  a Retirement Home, and asked them to suggest a day and time (but keep it secret from their old folk) and then we turn up outside for an impromptu performance :0)

Setting this up is pretty easy. Opera groups rehearse anyway, so all you need to do is propose it to them as a live rehearsal, which will bring old folk some smiles and also their group some publicity.

Lets replicate this idea around the World – like an ordinary flash mob, but with people who really need, and will appreciate it!

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