About Us

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Focallocal is an open, encouraging and supportive community for people who want to explore creative and fun ways to make our communities friendlier, more connected, safer and happier for everyone to enjoy living in.

Together, our ideas and the success stories from community members activities are shared and repeated by other Focallocallers all around the World, each making a positive difference to life in their local community.


People today all want to make the World we live in a better, fairer, friendlier place. There are so many causes and problems we’d like to help – but where to start? Focallocal is where! We offer the inspiration, tools and support to make a meaningful impact on your local community.  We believe small positive actions, created by local people are the most effective way to create lasting societal change.

Join us, and with your help these tiny ripples will combine, creating a giant wave of positivity as a Global Movement for Public Happiness, to spread a smile all across the Earth.



Simply – by giving people in local communities across the World – the inspiration, encouragement and the tools to make a positive impact in their community in a small way, and then sharing these happy tools with all of our Public Happiness community around the world, we can, and you can, make the World a happier, friendlier, more connected and safer place for everyone to live in!

Creating a mindset and culture where taking action to help others and make where you live a nicer place is not an exception but the norm


click here to read about The Focallocal Community Values, which bind our World-wide Community together