Performance Flash Mob where it’s Most Needed




Societal Issues Targeted:

  • Providing entertainment to those not able to get up and go find it on their own
  • Demonstrating how easy and fun it can be to take action and help those in need within your community

Project Intro:

We’ve all seen those awesome videos of flash mobs in train stations and other public places, they are cool, and everyone enjoys them ..But why doesn’t anyway take them to folk who really need them? Lets do it!

Sure you can organise something complicated and impressive with lots of rehearsals and planning, that’d be great.

You could also make it super simple by just contacting a group who is rehearsing for something anyway and ask if they will do one of their final rehearsals in public. 

Its great publicity for the group, and they are rehearsing anyway so why wouldn’t they? and it’s a wonderfully simple way to lift the day, week, or maybe whole month of people likely not to have much live access to the arts of the World anymore. 


  • We generally suggest contacting the center 1st so as to avoid nap-time, or any unexpected issues (we do ask them if they would mind keeping it a secret from their residents though)
  • Ask staff about a suitable space near-by where their residents can see the activity, some insider information can make a big difference


Here’s some suggested places put on a surprise flash mob outside:

  • Retirement homes
  • Disabled living centres
  • Long‑term care hospitals
  • Shelters for people who are homeless


Part of a Performance group?  and/or want to be part of the team running project, send the group a message here:





This project is simple and easy to set up. Contact us for help setting one up in your city and become one of our Public Happiness Heroes :0)