International Pillow Fight Day


On the 1st weekend of April people in around 30 cities aross the World come together armed with pillows and those big cheesy smiles that are inevitable when doing a rediculous activity that reminds you of  the fun, carefree feeling you had when you were a child, and the world was full of adventure and happy people to play with.

pillowThen mayhem breaks lose and the sky fills with swinging pillows and the sounds of laughter. This beautiful event shows us all what truely remarkable things can happen when we all come together! in this instance for something unbelievably stupid and childish; and go away drunk on positive atmosphere that fills the air, with their souls refreshed from sharing care free enjoyment with thousands of others. That happiness doesnt just stay inside of  the 1000’s of people in each city who came, they share a little bit of it with everyone they interact with and it has to make some net effect on the well-being of humanity.

The idea was started around 12 years ago by The Urban Playground Movement, a part of New Mind Space; and we proud supporters of International Pillow Fight Day. We have helped rescue the London event (although we wont say how much as no-0ne wants to be bullied) since learning it was to be cancelled after the previous organiser was bullied by the Mayors office and the police. At my very rough estimation there were around 8000 overjoyed people at Trafalgar Square in 2013, and around 3000 in 2014 – less because the mayors office pressurised Timeout magazine to print an article saying it was cancelled cant “cancel” 3000 people coming together for a shared goal!

As we travel around the World creating a Global network of pro-active, agents for happiness; we hope to help this idea spread even further so more and more cities can join in and share the amazing experience.  Send Andy a message and lets start planning one where you live today!



International Pillow Fight Day 2012
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International Pillow Fight Day 2013
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International Pillow Fight Day 2014
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